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      "I Saw 'Titanic' Again in Theaters So You Don't Have To" (February 2023)

Westwind (UCLA literary journal):

      "We Are All Here" (Fall 2022 issue)

House Digest:

      What to Be Aware of If Planting Grass Seed in the Spring (November 2023)

      20 Flowering Annuals That Will Last All Summer (July 2023)

      10 Martha Stewart Home Decoration Hacks You Should Try (May 2023)

      Tips on Creating a Cohesive Color Palette for Your Home (March 2023)

    The Best Outdoor Plants If You Live in a Dry Climate (December 2022)

      Front-Load vs. Top-Load Washers: Which Is Right for Your Home? (October 2022)

      How to Clean Tea Stains from a Teapot (August 2022)

The List:

       What King Felipe and Queen Letizia's Wedding Was Really Like (August 2023)

       Gwyneth Paltrow's Most Iconic Fashion Moments (May 2023)

       Products for a Greener Beauty Routine (May 2022)

       A Complete Timeline of Jennifer Lopez's Relationships (May 2022)

       The Most Expensive Fashion Moments on the Academy Awards Red Carpet (March 2022)

       Tracee Ellis Ross' Best Fashion Moments (January 2022)

       The Absolute Best Makeup Trends of 2021 (December 2021)

       Meghan Markle's Best Fashion Moments Ever (November 2021) 

       The Most Expensive Outfits Worn by the Kardashian Kids (October 2021)

       How Much Is Iris Apfel Worth? (September 2021)

Nicki Swift:

Denise Austin: The Fitness Guru Who Took Over the '90s (February 2023)

The Real-Life Partners of the Cast of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (June 2022)

What You Didn't Know About 98 Degrees (April 2022)

Inside Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick's Marriage (February 2022)

Celebs Who Always Date a Certain Zodiac Sign (January 2022)

What the Women of Exposé Look Like Today (December 2021) 

How Much Is Kris Jenner Really Worth? (November 2021)

Here's How Much Anna Wintour Is Really Worth (October 2021)

What Your Favorite Stars of the '90s Look Like Today (September 2021)

The Truth About Sonny and Cher's Relationship (September 2021)

These Are the Most Successful Celebrity Brands (August 2021)

The Truth About Jimmy Kimmel's Relationship with Molly McNearney (July 2021)

Inside Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez's Reunion (July 2021)

Inside Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson's Marriage (June 2021)

What Elizabeth Taylor's Grandchildren Look Like Today (May 2021)

Inside Tiffani Thiessen and Brady Smith's Marriage (May 2021)

The Real Reason Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Divorced (April 2021)

Why TNG's 'The Royale' Is Great Star Trek" (July 2022)

10 of the Best TNG Guest Stars (August 2020) 

The One About the Whales (April 2020) 

10 Times TNG Predicted the Wellness Boom (February 2020) 


The Silly, Scheming, Millenial-Defining ‘Saved by the Bell’ Turns 30 (August 2019)



I’ve Spent More Than $1,000 to Dress Like Meghan and Kate (January 2019) 

New York Dolls (2014, available in print or eBook) 

“Interactive Telecommunications Design: An Interdisciplinary Collaboration,” with Anita Perr and Marianne Petit, OT Practice, June 2007

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