10 of the Best TNG Guest Stars (StarTrek.com, August 2020) 

The One About the Whales (StarTrek.com, April 2020) 

10 Times TNG Predicted the Wellness Boom (StarTrek.com, February 2020) 

The Silly, Scheming, Millenial-Defining ‘Saved by the Bell’ Turns 30 (Shondaland.com, August 2019)


I’ve Spent More Than $1,000 to Dress Like Meghan and Kate (FLARE, January 2019) 

New York Dolls (2014, available in print or eBook) 

“Interactive Telecommunications Design: An Interdisciplinary Collaboration,” with Anita Perr and Marianne Petit, OT Practice, June 2007

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